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49CM Bike Framesets

If you're considering purchasing a bike with a 49cm frame consult with Condor Cycles to ensure that it's a suitable size for your body and riding style. Additionally, the right frame size for a rider depends on various factors, including inseam length, torso length, and personal preferences.

37 products found
 Acciaio New Acciaio
Fast and lightweight steel all rounder
Frameset price £1,199.99
Condor Acciaio Frameset Sale Condor Acciaio Frameset
£949.99 £999.99
Condor Baracchi 49cm Road Bike Sale Condor Baracchi 49cm Road Bike
£2,699.99 £3,674.80
 Baracchi Baracchi
Signature carbon technology, tuned for long days
Frameset price £3,199.99
 Bivio Gravel Bivio Gravel
Discover new boundaries on our premium steel adventure frame
Frameset price £1,499.99
 Bivio Gravel New Bivio Gravel
Steel frame born for gravel adventures across land, desert, and ice.
Frameset price £1,599.99
 Classico Pista Classico Pista
Timeless design re-created with modern technologies
Frameset price £1,199.99
 Classico Road Classico Road
Timeless design re-created with modern technologies
Frameset price £1,199.99
 Classico Stainless Classico Stainless
Fillet brazed steel with a stainless rear end & fork
Frameset price £1,999.99
Condor Fratello Disc Frameset Sale Condor Fratello Disc Frameset
£849.99 £899.99
 Fratello Disc Fratello Disc
Clock new KOMs, speed through town on our mudguard ready signature lightweight steel frameset
Frameset price £1,399.99
 Fratello Fratello
Our signature steel all-rounder
Frameset price £1,149.99
 Heritage Disc Heritage Disc
Our signature steel tourer with disc brakes
Frameset price £1,149.99