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Condor Frameset Features

Condor framesets are designed to give you the best ride from day one, and keep performing month after month, year after year. We develop our framesets using feedback from our staff and pro riders, who we work closely with to test our technology in real world conditions.

Condor Smart Cabling System

Fit any groupset to the frame now and in the future

Smart Cabling is our most versatile cable management system that allows you to fit any groupset, be it mechanical or electronic. If you choose a mechanical groupset now but have an eye on an electronic groupset in the future, our Smart Cabling System will accommodate without creating a cluttered wiring set up and without the need to change your frame.

The system we developed also means that there is only one hole in your down tube for the gear cabling. This improves the strength of the tube and is more aesthetically pleasing.

Our Smart Cabling System features on Super Acciaio Disc, Italia RC Disc, Bivio Gravel, Bivio Odyssey, and Fratello Disc Thru-Axle.

Condor Monocoque Forks

Ultralight premium carbon

Monocoque forks are made in one piece from high grade carbon fibre and feature on a number of our models. We fit monocoque forks because they can be made ultra-lightweight whilst being incredibly strong, so the power you put through the bike is not lost in the fork flexing from left to right.

The one piece construction also means the process of bonding carbon legs and steerer onto an aluminium base is not required. This not only saves weight, but also reduces the carbon material around the fork crown to maximise tyre clearance.

Our monocoque forks typically weigh 350g on road models and 450g on our adventure gravel framesets.

Monocoque forks paired with our disc framesets all feature internal brake routing to reduce snagging and damage to the cable, whilst maintaining optimal braking for longer.

Condor All Riders Concept

We build every bike to suit each customer, there is no requirement for gender specific framesets. Every rider is different and we don't need to make general assumptions. Instead, our bikes are built based on each rider's unique attributes to create a bicycle that rides comfortably from the moment you pick it up.

Our framesets are typically available in seven sizes. Our service includes a bike fit or one to one assistance online with our trained bike fit team, who will determine the correct frame size and setup. Of course, there are some people who won't fit a standard frame size, and we offer a custom geometry service to accommodate.

Condor Steel Tubing — Made in partnership with Columbus

Columbus HSS Spirit

We develop our own custom tube shapes for each model of steel frame in collaboration with the world's oldest tubing manufacturer, Columbus, who we have worked with for several decades. We selected their Spirit HSS for our Fratello, Super Acciaio and Bivio models. Columbus Spirit HSS is the highest level of steel produced by Columbus. The tubes are seamless, which means the tube is formed by stretching it without welding a joint. The tubes are triple-butted with a high tensile strength, and hardened using precipitation, enabling the tube to have an excellent surface and strength to weight ratio. The tubes are head treated to improve strength and resistance to damage.

The nearest comparable tubing from Reynolds is 853.

Columbus XCr Stainless

We selected Columbus XCr tubing for our stainless steel frames because XCr is the highest grade of stainless tubing available. It is a seamless tube with an ultra-smooth surface. The tubes are cold drawn multiple times to create the lightest stainless tubes of any manufacturer without sacrificing strength or ride quality.

Columbus XCr is lighter than Reynolds 953, and lighter and stronger than Reynolds 931.

Condor Carbon with Nano Resins

Handmade carbon framesets

Our carbon tubes are made for us using three different types of carbon manufactured in Japan and the USA. Each layer features unidirectional carbon fibre (for strength), high modulus carbon fibre (to add stiffness), and ultra-high-modulus carbon, which adds both strength and stiffness, whilst being lighter than the previous two (but would be too harsh to ride if used just on its own). The tube is wrapped in a 1k weave for impact protection and toughness.

The fibres in our carbon are bound together with resins featuring nano particles. Construction using nano particles requires less resin, resulting in an overall frame weight reduction. Nano resin's microscopic particles are elongated rather than round, which improves the bond between resin and fibre as the surface area is greater. Secondly, frame vibration is dissipated as it travels through the frame and across the nano particles.

Superlight Premium Aluminium

We use 7000 series aluminium, a very high grade of material, which is skillfully-welded by craftsman who take their time— not on a quantity-focused production line. The frame not only has aesthetically-pleasing and neat welds, but is light, comfortable, and smooth to ride, unlike a frame that has to be overbuilt to maintain stiffness, which becomes harsh to ride.

Like steel, the main parameters of aluminium tube design are wall thickness, butting, and shape. Aluminium is classed based on the International Alloy Designation System. Each alloy is given a four-digit number, where the first digit indicates the major alloying elements. 7000 series aluminium is alloyed with zinc and is precipitation-hardened (a form of heat treatment) to make it one of the highest strengths of any aluminium alloy.

Condor Thru-Axles

12mm axle — best stiffness to weight ratio

The thru-axle system, brought over from our off-road MTB cousins, offers a much more consistent wheel attachment, reducing brake rub and increasing safety. A thru-axle has a greater constant surface area, compared with a disc brake and traditional skewer, which means a stiffer base and torsional strength.

We use a 12mm aluminium thru-axle because it provides the best weight to stiffness ratio for gravel and road riding. A thicker axle, similar to that use on an MTB, would be too heavy, whilst a thinner axle wouldn't have enough torsional strength.

BSA Bottom Bracket Shell

Universal system preferred by Shimano and Campagnolo

Condor frames feature a BSA bottom bracket shell. It's an overlooked part of the frame, but a very important one. The lowly bottom bracket doesn’t get much attention, and if it's working properly, that's the way it should be — smooth and silent.

Press-fit bottom bracket shells were introduced a few years ago, and today there are numerous different press-fit bottom bracket standards, such as BB30, BB90, BBRight, PF41, and PF30. These systems were never adopted by Shimano or Campagnolo, and therefore adapters are required in order to fit them. This can lead to issues with creaking and a requirement for regular servicing.

BSA is a tried and tested, reliable system, with the added benefit that bottom brackets to fit this standard are available from just about anywhere. Fitting a BSA bottom bracket is simple, and the tool required is inexpensive. Press-fit bottom brackets often require specialist tools, making it harder to fit at home or if you are away on a trip or tour.

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