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Your Condor, exactly the way you want it

Chosen your dream frame, but want to customise the design, geometry or features? We can help you bring your vision to life.

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Single colour custom

Single colour

Custom geometry

Custom geometry
& frame features

Custom <br />design work

Custom design work

Custom fork painting

Custom fork

Colour Options

Condor custom colours

Custom colour silver and grey options

Condor custom colour options

Condor custom colour options

Condor custom colours

Condor custom colour options

Condor custom colour options

We offer a large number custom colours to suit all tastes. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that custom colours are represented accurately on our website, your monitor and/or screen settings may cause colours to be affected. Sample custom colour tubes can be viewed in our London store.


Condor factory, Italy

Condor custom frame painting in Italy

Single Colour Change — £225

Single colour custom frames have a lead time of up to 10 weeks and are available with the either same decals as found on the model, or with the following custom decals.

No decals

No decal frame option


Available on:

All models

Classic decal

Condor classic decal


Available on:

All models

Classic decal
with bird

Condor logo with bird


Available on:

Acciaio • Fratello • Fratello Disc • Heritage • Heritage Disc • Pista • Tempo

Classico • Classico Stainless

Legacy decal

Condor legacy decal


Available on:

Acciaio • Fratello • Fratello Disc • Heritage • Heritage Disc • Pista • Tempo

Classico • Classico Stainless


Painted fork — £110

Applicable to models where the forks are not painted to match the frame as standard. If the frame has painted forks as standard, a painted fork is already included in the single colour change price and this charge is not payable.

Painted fork is available with a single colour change or keeping the standard colour.

It is only possible to order colour-matched forks when placing the frame order as there is the possibility of a slight colour difference otherwise.

Custom Geometry & Frame Features — £225

Our fitting specialists may advise that you require a custom geometry, or you may have special requirements that mean a custom frame is necessary. If you are not able to come to the store, we are happy for you to supply frame measurements from another fitting to us.

Examples of popular frame features include: 
- brazing for guards and rack mounts;
- change of bottom bracket type;
- electronic gearing routing for our steel or aluminium framesets.

Frames built with custom geometry or features have a lead time of up to 20 weeks. Combining with custom colour does not increase the lead time further.

Custom geometry and frame features are available on all framesets with the exception of the Potenza and Paris Galibier.

Custom Design Work — £250

Want something that no one else has? Do you have several colours in your design or want unique decals? We offer a complete custom service to bring your ideas to life. This service includes a completely custom design, painting, and even geometry or frame features if you require.

You can provide us with your ideas in whatever way suits—be it some things you want us to take design cues from, or even your own rough sketches. The design will be produced by Condor for your approval. The design is also subject to approval by Condor.

Fratello frames in Condor workshops

Some of our previous custom work

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