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Our bike fitting service will help you ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort, and is suitable for all riders regardless of the make, model, or style of bike you ride.

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    Our Service

    Our service is carried out by our trained bike fitting staff. It is an assessment process using our fitting jig and other fitting equipment. We don't use magic tools or simply input rider measurements to a computer. We know that everyone is different and has different needs, and our skilled and experienced fitting technicians use their years of experience and mutliple fitting methods to spot what a computer often can't.

    The result is your bicycle is truly fitted to you, maximising efficiency and performance while avoiding discomfort or injury.

    Why is a bike fit important?

    • A professional bike-fit from Condor will allow you to make the most of your physical strengths and help you work on your weaknesses.
    • Identifies and decrease discomfort when cycling such as knee pain, lower back ache, numb feeling in hands, discomfort in shoulders.
    • Old injuries picked up doing another activity can affect how you ride, we can identify weaknesses and address any issues.
    • The position of your cycling contact points is crucial. Everybody's feet, their hands, leg and arm length, flexibility and even where they sit is different. A a Condor bike-fit will find your unique dimensions.
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    Full Bike Fitting


    If you already own a bicycle—no matter the make, model or style—and are looking get the best position, this is for you.




    Up to 1 hour


    Go faster, in greater comfort. Forget the latest gadgets, shoes and carbon wheels — this is the best money you will spend on cycling.

    • Rider interview
    • Pre-fit bike measurement
    • Saddle height
    • Saddle position
    • Cleat position and type
    • Handlebar stem length
    • Stack height/overall reach
    • Bar width
    • Adjustments and advice
    • Post fit report and measurements
    • Free of charge follow-up fitting if required
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    Cleat & Pedal Fitting


    Perfect for getting your new cleats and shoes setup correctly to eradicate any foot, knee or ankle pain that you may have.




    30 Minutes


    Cleats are the only fixed interface between bicycle and rider, so getting them into the right position won’t just keep you comfortable and ensure you’re efficient as possible, but will also address foot, ankle and knee pain, foot numbness and pedalling discomfort.

    • Rider Interview
    • Gait and foot form analysis
    • Shoe fit appraisal
    • Cleat alignment
    • Cleat fitting (if new pair being fitted)

    Condor Saddle Fitting

    Saddle Fitting


    Get the right width, length and shape for your riding style.




    30 Minutes


    The ‘perfect perch’ varies dramatically from one cyclist to the next– and is determined by a number of factors: anatomical differences, riding style, and everything in between. The ischial tuberosities are the parts of your body designed to bear your seated weight, known more commonly as sit-bones, which vary in width from person to person. The choice of saddles is vast. Not only are they available with cut outs and pressure-relief channels, but in different widths, lengths, and with varying levels of flexion and scoop. In addition, your riding style will affect your saddle choice. If you have an aggressive riding style, the pressure on your sit bones will vary from an endurance riding position.

    If you are comfortable in your bicycle position and have saddle discomfort or would like to change saddles, this service is for you. If you have general bike fit discomfort in your back, arms or neck as well as soreness from a saddle, please book a full bike fitting.

    What is a Pre-fit interview?

    During each fitting service Condor will spend some time talking through your cycling background, how long you have been using the bike, injury history, goals and what you are looking to achieve from the fit.
    Measurements from your bike 'pre-fit' will be noted down including the make, model and size of the frame.

    Our Post-fit report

    We will then summarise what we have done during the fit and why we have done it. If components need to be changed for a different type or size, the bike will be booked into the workshop at the next available space for the work to be carried out.

    The new measurements for your bike set up will then be noted down and put into a summary report.

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    Bike fitting at Condor

    Foot pressure analysis

    Set up analysis

    Cleat and pedal stroke analysis

    A bike fit is included with all new bike or frame purchases

    A bike fit is one of the most important parts of cycling. This is why it is included for free when you purchase a new bicycle from us. 

    Bike fitting is an art and honed through experience. We look beyond the computer software and lasers to provide fact-driven analysis to ensure you are engaged with the fit and educated on the changes and suggestions being made to your bike position.

    Dreaming of the new perfect bike, you need the perfect fit so you can ride in complete comfort from the first kilometre.

    Our bike fitting for a new frame or bicycles purchase includes:

    • Rider interview
    • Fitting on our custom bicycle jig
    • Saddle height
    • Saddle position
    • Stack height and reach
    • Handlebar drop
    • Handlebar width
    • Model and set up recommendations

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    Bike fit addresses saddle width, position and style