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Fizik One-to-One

Book an appointment for a custom saddle made just for you

Bespoke 3D printed saddles

Fizik One-to-One is a custom saddle program that creates a 3D printed saddle based on your unique biometric data and personal pressure profile. It provides graded levels of cushioning and padding that is printed specifically around how you ride, be it on gravel, TT, road or mountain bike.

Fizik One-to-One service is exclusively available at Condor, as a long accredited Fizik partner. It is available to all types of rider, no matter the make or model of your bike. It is also available with new Condor bike purchases.

The custom program includes two assessments, pressure mapping, fitting the new saddle and configuration, as well as the custom 3D printed saddle itself. The custom program uses the Adaptive range as the baseline shape. Saddles are £459 with K:IUM rails or £499 with carbon rails.

The Process

60 minute assessment and fitting
  • Pre-fit interview: We gather information about riding goals, current saddle and rider details.
  • Pressure data collection: You ride on your current bike and saddle and we collect riding data and pressure hotspots.
  • Choose saddle shape: Based on the interview, data and riding goals, we help select a saddle shape suited to your riding. Fizik make a range of saddles with cut outs, different lengths, widths and nose lengths.
  • A Fizik saddle from the Adaptive range is fitted to your bike and pressure data collected for the 3D printing profile.
  • You make a final selection on saddle specifics choosing between K:IUM and carbon rails and data is then sent to Fizik to begin 3D printing the saddle in Italy.
  • You return to the store to have saddle fitted and compare pre and post pressure data.
Book Fizik One-to-One

What is Pressure Mapping?

To tailor-make a saddle personalised to you, we measure the pressure your body exerts on the saddle and how the pressure is distributed across the saddle's surface.

Pressure changes constantly as we adjust and move in the saddle, and therefore we measure whilst you are riding. The process involves you moving between the hoods, drops, tops and other bar positions on the bike.

Data is collected using a special mat that is placed over the saddle, containing 64 sensors, which sends the pressure data by Bluetooth. Is then available on-screen for you to see and compare. Once the fitting is complete the data is translated into printing information for a custom saddle from the Fizik Adaptive range.

Fizik Adaptive Saddles

Traditional saddles use the same density of foam across the whole saddle surface, with inserts placed and glued in to adjust the comfort and support. 

The custom program uses technology developed from Fizik's 3D printed Adaptive saddle range. Available in six shapes, the saddles are crafted using a process known as Digital Light Synthesis, a type of 3D printing. The printing creates unique saddle padding with individual comfort zones incorporated into a single saddle surface. There are no seams either.

Fizik work in partnership with Carbon, who developed Digital Light Synthesis, and apply the technology to a range of applications including soles for Adidas footwear, helmets, automotive and dental.

Why a custom 3D printed saddle?

The saddle is one of the critical contact points on a bicycle and for something so small it can play a bit part in the enjoyment of riding your bike. Comfort on the road can mean the difference between going the distance and falling short, fighting the competition or battling aches and pains, winning and losing.

Comfort depends on a good bike fit, geometry, saddle shape and how it is used. However no two riders move in the same way, have the same body shape in every bicycle position or exert the same forces onto a saddle. The Fizik custom saddle program takes comfort a step further a personalises it to you. Your goals and your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Fizik One-to-One saddle fitted to any bike?

Yes, the custom program is available to any brand or model of bike.

How long does it take to get a 3D printed saddle once ordered?

The estimated time is 2–4 weeks.

How long does the fitting take?

The fitting will take up to one hour and the follow up fitting with your new saddle will take approximately 30 minutes.

Can I fit my custom 3D printed saddle at home?

We do not recommend fitting the saddle at home. The service includes refitting to align the position and angle of the saddle rails. We then test again with the pressure system and compare your pre-fit saddle to post.

I'm uncomfortable on my bike, should I get a bike fitting before a custom saddle?

Saddle comfort is affected by a number of elements on the bike. We can make recommendations when you book for a Fizik One-to-One service and suggest if you need a bike fitting before beginning the custom program.

What should I wear?

Cycling shorts and leggings are ideal. Please wear your cycling shoes.

Wearing your usual cycling kit is best, so we can accurately recreate the real world riding you do.

What saddle shapes are available in the Fizik One-to-One custom program?

Vento Argo, Terra Argo, Vento Antares, Tempo Aliante, Transiro Aerise SD & LD.

During the process we'll help determine which baseline shape is best for you. 

Is the saddle included in the custom program price?

Yes, the custom program includes the assessment, pressure mapping, a 3D printed custom saddle, refitting to the bike and follow up review.

Saddles with K:IUM rails are £399.99 (known as R3)

Saddle with carbon rails are £499.99 (known as R1)

I'd like to get a custom saddle on a new Condor bike, should I make two bookings?

No, that isn't required. Book an appointment for a Fizik One-to-One custom saddle and add a note in your booking to say you are interested in a new Condor. You can then work through the new bike setup and spec before or after your saddle appointment.