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Gravel, Adventure & Touring Bike Framesets

Our gravel bikes are bikes designed to handle all-terrain riding, splitting the difference between the speed and efficiency of road bikes and the off-road capabilities of mountain bikes. Love riding trails, gravel, fireroads or Adventuring on a bikepacking trip? We've got the perfect selection of models for you.
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6 products found
 Bivio Gravel Bivio Gravel
Discover new boundaries on our premium steel adventure frame
Frameset price £1,499.99
 Bivio Gravel Pre-order Bivio Gravel
Steel frame born for gravel adventures across land, desert, and ice.
Frameset price £1,599.99
 Odyssey Gravel New Odyssey Gravel
Fast and smooth, our premium aluminium gravel frame
Frameset price £1,499.99
 Gravel Stainless Pre-order Gravel Stainless
Flawless, fully custom stainless steel adventure frameset
Frameset price £3,999.99
 Heritage Disc Heritage Disc
Our signature steel tourer with disc brakes
Frameset price £1,149.99
 Heritage Heritage
Our signature steel tourer
Frameset price £1,099.99