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Brompton's New CHPT3 Bike is Race Tuned

Designed with former pro cyclist, David Millar, CHPT3 Brompton bikes are about speed and performance. Discover the different iterations of the collaboration.

Brompton has collaborated with former Tour de France cyclist, David Millar, to create a limited range of Brompton x CHPT3 folding bikes. The CHPT3 folding bikes put a focus on speed and performance and often feature one-off components made by some of the best cycling brands.

New editions of Brompton x CHPT3 folding bikes are released every few seasons and always feature a red colour scheme in some form or another, making the special bikes instantly recognisable.

The latest edition of Brompton x CHPT3 Folding Bike is sold out. Subscribe to our Brompton newsletter and be the first to know about limited seasonal colours and pre-order special editions.


Look back at the previous editions of Brompton x CHPT3

CHPT3 4th Edition

Released 2023

Brompton x CHPT3 4th Edition 2023

This model features a steel and titanium frame, 4-speed gearing with ultra light 60g rear derailleur, and a special fi'zi:k Terra Argo X5 saddle. The frame is painted in a flat grey with the recognisable red front section. The bicycle was supplied with a limited edition frame pouch.

CHPT3 3rd Edition

Released 2020

Brompton x CHPT3 3rd Edition 2020

Brompton x CHPT3 3rd Edition 2020

The bike has a textured silver and red steel frame. For the 3rd edition a titanium rear frame and front fork are introduced. The bike has been designed with a stripped back look; no mudguards or front luggage. Red grips have been added to this edition along with a Brompton saddle with titanium rails and CHPT3 print.

Brompton CHPT3 2nd Edition

Released 2019BRompton CHPT3 2019

CHPT3 V2 or 2nd Edition Brompton bike was a significant step up from the first version of the bike the raft of changes, included race-tuned suspension that provides a spirited and stiff ride to suit those who, like Mr Millar, want sprint away from the lights as fast as possible.

Brompton CHPT3 V2 Bike

The paint is now a textured black finish, and we're excited about the machined hinge clamps and seat-post quick release levers. Instead of Brompton's standard black plastic levers, you'll find machined fittings on the CHPT3 V2 bike. We think they'll add a touch of refinement to Brompton's latest special edition.

Brompton CHPT3 Saddle Brompton CHPT3 Folded Bike

Elsewhere, the red Brooks Cambium saddle found on the first version is switched out for a Fabric Scoop saddle with a synthetic patterned upper and matching grips. Schwalbe have made a 16" version of the Schwalbe One tyre, adding a classic tan side wall to the tyre.

CHPT3 1st Edition

Released 2018

Brompton x CHPT3 1st Edition V1 2018

2018 saw the first Brompton x CHPT3 special editions come off the factory line, it featured Schwalbe Kojack tan wall tyres and different colour frame parts unlike Bromptons available at the time. The bike had a red Brooks Cambium C13 saddle.  Initially limited to 500 bikes, it soon became clear that demand would exceed supply and so as you've read more edition were created.

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