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A relay with a purpose - Tour de Sands

Tour de Sands - Condor Fratello

Jerry Watson, has an ambitious task, to relay his wife's Condor Fratello from Easton on the Hill, near Stamford in Lincolnshire 2,500km to Elviria in southern Spain.

Jerry's E2E ride was devised in honour his wife Sandra, hence the name Tour de Sands.

Why cycling

Sandra found through cycling she vastly transformed her life following cancer surgery. After a cancer diagnosis in 2002, one of the affects of surgery was lymphodoema, a uncomfortable and dangerous condition which causes cellulitis.
The affects of which Sandra offset through cycling. From the prospect of a life on the sofa, Sandra's determination led her from riding just 100m to completing all sorts of long distance events including the 210km Central Otago Rail Trail in New Zealand.

Learn more about Sandra's story here

Tour de Sands

The ride begins on the 22nd April 2017 and heads south, every day a new rider will ride The most important feature of the E2E ride is that each day, Sandra's Condor Fratello road bike will have a different rider to help it return to Eliviria.

E2E Route Map

Aims of the ride

The charity and the ride has three aims:

Improve the quality of life for those with Lymphedema and terminal, debilitating illness by improving access to information and opportunity.

Support efforts by professional Hospices to improve the quality final days.

Introduce more people to the life affirming and self-improving experience of long distance cycling.

Donations can be made here

Tour de Sands on Facebook

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