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4 easy ways to lighten your ride

March has arrived—heralding the beginning of Spring—and it's time to pull out our favourite bikes and pop the winter workhorse to one side. It stands to reason, then, that for making it through the cold, the dark and the wet, we deserve a few rewarding weight saving upgrades, and we can show them off in the sun.

Ultralightweight inner tubes at Condor Cycles

Works butyl-fully

Specialized's lightest tube is just £2 more than their standard offering. Constructed from butyl rubber, the weight saving is proven to reduce drag by up to 13% per wheel in roll resistance testing.

Specialized Turbo inner tube: 68g
Specialized standard inner tube: 104g

Shop all lightweight inner tubes—£7.99

Condor Ti Skewer

Ti-tantic weight savings

Sleek and refined, there is nothing better than personal touches to set you apart from the crowd—even better when there is a whacking great weight saving to be had. Compared to a standard Mavic skewer set, the Ti/carbon offering from Condor sheds grams fast and has an aero profiled lever.

Condor Ti Skewer Set: 36g
Mavic front skewer: 120g

Shop Condor Ti Skewer set—£31.99

Condor carbon front clamp

Light as a feather

So light and slim it's hardly there, but for the bike aficionado and their hawk-like senses, the 1 gram Condor Carbon Front Mech Clamp will send their bike-bling radars into meltdown.

Condor Carbon Front Mech Clamp: 1g
Typical alloy front mech clamp: 23g

Shop Condor Carbon Front Mech Clamp—£19.99

Perfect perch

An easy way to cut the grams is to upgrade your standard alloy seat post. The Condor Supremacy pin sets new weight standards. Weighing in at 160g, your bike will practically hover over any terrain.

Condor Carbon Supremacy Post, 27.2mm inline: 160g
Fizik Cyrano R5 Alloy Seat Post 230g

Shop Condor Supremacy Carbon Seat Post—£89.99

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