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8 tips to make urban cycling easier

We'll help you breeze through your commute and run sweat-free errands by bike. Choosing to go by bike has never been easier.
The best urban cycling kit

Cycling Chinos.

These bad boys won't look out of place in the the park or supermarket. Pedal Ed Chino Cycling Shorts and Endura Humvee Chino Shorts are cut differently to your standard cotton chino, and both are constructed from rugged tight knit cotton fabric with elastane, which gives you more freedom to pedal. The seams are placed to avoid rubbing, too. Endura shorts have a removable padded liner, great if you are looking for more comfort on casual and city rides.

Keep your tyres pumped up

It's an obvious one but it makes a huge difference. Bike shops usually have free pumps you can use to top up the air in your tyres. They can advise you how much air to put in, which is 80–100 psi. Running your tyres at the right pressure actually adds more grip, less friction with the road for easier pedalling, plus it helps extend the life of the tyre and reduce punctures. Check your tyres every two weeks, you should only just be able to squeeze them.


Hovding Helmet
Let's face it, helmets are great, but off the bike they are bulky and get in the way, and take up almost all the space in a bag or rucksack, too. Hovding's award-winning technology takes the bulk and fuss out of a helmet. Hovding's Airbag 3 is three times safer than a traditional helmet and fits around your neck. In a sudden impact the helmet's air bag is triggered, inflates, and protects your head, just like an airbag in a car. The helmet packs down small and is ideal for city-based journeys.
Hovding Helmet

Brake check.

Are you using all your energy to squeeze the life out of your brakes, only to just about come to a stop? This isn't fun, easy or safe.

Fear not, it's an easy and cheap fix. The brake cable will stretch over time, and if you’ve dug a bike out of a shed could also be rusty. A local bike shop can adjust the brake cable back into position in a few minutes, and confident stopping will be at your fingertips once more.

You can also replace the brake pads or add a drop of oil to the cable to help it slide without lots of friction.

Cycling-Specific Casual Tees.

Condor Cycling T Shirts
Our head badge and logo have endured the test of time. Seventy years later, they are recognisable emblems of Condor and we celebrate the motifs on our high-quality, combed cotton t-shirt collection. The tees pair perfectly over casual cycling shorts and Lycra, and have a slim fit that won't flap around whilst you ride.
For a luxury feel, Pedal Ed's Jary short sleeve uses a merino wool blend and is perfect for cloudy, changeable summer days, and ideal for trails or gravel rides when you need a tee that can perform little bit harder.
Jary Short Sleeve Jersey

Perfect Pedalling.

Giro Privateer
If you park your bike and walk through a bike park or building lobby to get to your desk, or into a shop. A walk in a traditional road cycling shoe feels like walking across an ice rink. The Giro Privateer range is the answer. The lace up fitting gives the shoe a casual look, and Giro paired up with Vibram to create a treaded rubber sole that is easy to walk around in.
If a cycling specific shoe isn't right for you, the Condor Touring Pedal has a robust metal plate that provides plenty of grip for your trainers. The silver finish offers a classic look, and you can attach toe clips and straps, if you want.

Wearable locks & loud bells.

Litelok Belt and Spur Cycle Bell
Sharp and crisp, Spurcycle Bells are a subtle and sleek handlebar essential. The made-in-America bells are optimised to ring out above the sound of the city and keep pedestrians from darting off the curb.
Locks are an essential if you want to protect your bike from theft, but are often incredibly hefty and impractical. No one wants to lug a lock around or have it rattling around your frame, chipping the paint. LiteLok have re-imagined how you carry this cycling essential. The flexible light rubber coated U lock limits wear and damage compared to a traditional lock, while the wearable gold standard Litelok Belt has a woven finish so is comfortable to ride with and adds visibility.
Spur Cycle Bell

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