Mud bath, wrecked mechs


Mallory Park hosted the fourth round of the National Cyclo-cross Trophy series. Three of us made the journey to the race where jet washing was the order of the day. The mud was thick and wet, as the day continued the sun crept out drying the mud turning it to claggy gloop. Cycling in custard sprung to mind. With the mud grabbing at every working component it wasn't long before it all got caught up. Konrad was riding well in the vets race before the curse of the custard hit him. Reaching for his rear mech and ripping it up.

In the seniors Ben started well before a jockey wheel seized and pulled his rear mech a chain reaction (excuse the pun) resulted in a snapped the drop out.

The day belong to Jody Crawford who rode away from the seniors. Even the mud couldn't hold him back and he broke his bike on the warm up lap.

Konrad - racing ended prematurely

Ben's broken bike

Wet wash mayhem

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