Cracking piece of road

Cracking piece of road

No matter what the weather, head wind, rain or sun. Dawn or dusk. There is a stretch of road that whenever ridden is fast and fun. It mysteriously feels like there is a tailwind.

It's that piece of road that makes you feel strong, like a pro, like your escaping from bunch. Does everyone have a favourite ‘bit'? If not, you should find one.

My cracking piece of road is the B269 in Kent from the roundabout of Clarks Lane to Beech Farm Rd. A few bends with a bit of underlation keep it entertaining. A drag at the end is just right to power through. In any case by the time you reach the drag you're having so much fun you just go faster. Then its over and I turn off.

Three minutes of fun. I go to this cracking piece of road whenever I am having one of those sluggish days when everything feels tired. Is that some form of vanity.


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