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The longest...


On Monday we banded around numbers about our longest ride then decided to put it to the floor.

"@condorcycles what's the longest ride you've done.....ever?"

It's fair to say that whatever your longest ride, good or bad those hours in the saddle will be savoured and remembered. We really liked reading all the replies, the stories, the different places and experiences. Thanks

@davemurphy the 410km was done with only 14 hrs on the bike. Legs where fine but head was in another place altogether.

@aslongasicycle 235k Galway-Kilkenny. Beautiful day, hellish ride. Full race setup on Irish roads = pain

@toomuchstu How about 10hrs to do a mere 80km (Transvesubienne) I'd say thats pretty long #assblisters!!

@lukascph 153 km, 2010 Kongeetapen cyclotour. At least 100 km of it solo (behind, not in front)...

@DanFromNam 2008 Desert Dash - 340km on a Mountainbike. 13hours30 later...

@dommyracer to date, the tour of Pembrokeshire - 118 miles. 30+ of it solo, in driving rain with <1 metre visibility. Horrible.

@FatBoyTim 120-mile Etape Anglais in 7h 29m after winning free entry in Guardian comp, had only started road biking 3

@Rockybucket the 2 mates with me were only 13! Had just enough money for cup of t & a mars bar each. We must have been stark raving bonkers!

@onthebummel Did London to Dover (c.140km?) on a 3 speed Pashley - but probably at a much more sedate pace than your other respondees!

@J4Joe Longest ride I've done is the Vatternrundan. A 300km / 186 mile ride round the 2nd largest lake in Sweden. A leisurely

@cass_kee: @condorcycles 245km on a track bike. #explodingknees << good effort

@LoveTRideMaBike In summer I did a group ride to Tan Hill in the Yorkshire dales, 180 miles, averaged 19.2mph too I was pretty happy.

@maryestall longest ride 216km, two days later came off the bike and seperated my shoulder resulting in 4 months off the bike...

@Joffting DD 2010 - tooting - hackney - dunwich - ipswitch - liverspool st - tooting 170 miles ish

@OAJP24 Dunwich Dynamo - about 120miles

@agadoo69 120 miles when doing C2C with @mycalb. 1st time either of us had ridden road bike, booked hostel for wrong night. Muchos pain.

@CondorWarehouse 150 miles

@keithrhenderson The St James Velo 150 (150miles) with @CondorWarehouse

@deanodowning Same as. 2005 was 2 km too far for me RT @kristianhouse: @condorcycles what am I thinking. 300km. Melbourne to Warnambol.

@manridesbike 168 miles. Day three of my jogle. 1011 miles in 7 days. Unsupported.

@100Climbs 142 miles, ride home from London to my parents near Newark, not that far really, about 7.45 min I think.

@ckingimages the Fred Whitton with a bit of a scenic 'unscheduled' detour.

@collynahart @SarahCary fond memories! 11.5 hours riding, 14 hours total. 204 miles.

@kristianhouse what was I thinking. 300km. Melbourne to Warnambol.

@seannybucket It's not old its a classic! RT @MrsBYork @condorcycles It's not bad, to say I'm riding a 20 year old 5-speed!

@Brigga14 250k Filey and back fish and chips at cafe :-)

@Rockybucket 172miles, aged 14. Saddlebag, old style cape as weather turned shit, & no bidons! Dad had to pick us up 35miles from home!!!

@kristianhouse 240ish km, this winter in ATX ;)

@msktmartin oh er, has to be Autumn cup ride 180km loop Home-Tenterden-Rye-home, food and then do it again, ending up a night ride, +360km

@benWG vatternrundan in Sweden 300km ish around one of the largest lakes in europe. Friendly too.

@SoloSzabi: @condorcycles what's the longest ride you've done.....ever? RT: 22,5 hours, 566km off-road! Last year 24 hour WC Germany...

@GranCorsaWillem The famous 11 Cities ride in Holland, 240km

@MrsBYork It's not bad, to say I'm riding a 20 year old 5-speed!

@Antz_e done 140 miles on 2 consecutive days last yr as part of a 7day lejog

@benspurrier also, I've done Mountain Mayhem 24hrs solo MTB -no idea what the distance was, but recorded 16'000 calories burnt though!

@jforbes004 Just over 400 miles, out to the turn and started return leg, PBP 2007. Slept for 4 hours at that point, then continued...

@DavidJesudason Dunwich Dynamo

@adrianfitch My longest rides ever are Paris-Roubaix and Tour of Flanders sportives at around 260km each

@littleleesie 125 miles... Charity ride of 112 miles with a slight detour! Soul crushing?!

@SarahCary 206 miles in July '10, the Seattle to Portland Classic, with @collynahart ..something like 14 hours.

@Dannykelley 189 miles when I only had a road bike for 2 weeks!! I was hooked after that! Although during it I never wanted to ride again!

@JeromeSadou 140km only, but on a track bike! Yokohama to Mount Fuji (then I climbed it)

@SundaysInHell Flanders then 15km to hotel = 292km

@Lunestock Lancaster to Scotland and back. 170m, 12.5hrs. To raise money for a wheelchair for a team mate.

@PaulSBurke 2004 L'Etape du Tour - 238km, Limoges to St Flour. An awesome ride.

@tomstaniford 128 miles. Mallorca. Lluc, Sa Calobra, Randa, San Salvador. Basically every hill we could find.

@Steve_Berry Kent Cycling Association 12 Hour TT = 276.5 miles

@bikesarebest E'tape 2007, Ironman bike leg, or 14hrs as a messenger way back when

@RossLovell 275 miles Mallaig-Armadale taking indirect route round the West Highlands, also the 330km Tour du Mont Blanc Sportif last July

@Ben Spurrier Gentlemans Time Trial, June '10. Home-Clerkenwell-Brighton-Clerkenwell-Home = 138miles

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