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The world wide web is a vast place and you can get lost in it for hours, so we've narrowed down your reading list for June.

Homework for June

The Bicycle Blog — lots of lovely fresh pictures from a photographer working at a cycling magazine. These images are the shots he takes on his daily rounds.
In The Saddle  nice articles; thought provoking, plus a few interviews.
Yay Cycling  pictures and pictures and more pictures from the world of cycling. Updated literally every hour with something new.
Vicious Velo  who makes a jersey like that and has a punk racing cycling team? (Strong language, be warned!)
How to be a Retronaut  No bikes, just silly stuff.
A J M Palmer  this is Alex Palmer, he works for Garmin. He has sneaky peak pictures from inside the team.
The Dynamite Files  he has a sharp tongue, so be warned: he's not every one's cup of tea.

Your standard reading list should ALWAYS include...

Bianchista  a lady who knows pics. And did once describe the 2009 Condor bike range as just not good enough. Well that got us to up our game didn't it?!
Andy Waterman  he's our bit on the side, making videos and taking photographs with us.
Elcyclista  an epic blog.
The Inner Ring  commentary and sharp views on the world of pro cycling.

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