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Blogging de Cmyru

One of our bike fitters, Rhys Howells, returns to his homeland this week. The Welsh lad is racing around the hills and valleys in the Ras de Cymru stage race.

Blogging de Cmyru

Anatomy of stage race preparation

  1. Bike (obviously!)
  2. Lightweight wheels for road stage
  3. Spare wheels for neutral service van
  4. Deep section wheels for prologue TT and team TT
  5. Spare Vittoria tyres in case the roads are very rough
  6. Spare tubes
  7. Helmet and glasses for the photos
  8. Extra extra large and stiff cycling shoes
  9. Cigarette lighter operated pressure washer for cleaning the bike, after the inevitable rainy conditions that Wales will inevitably present
  10. Food and crockery for accommodation, gels, bars and recovery powder
  11. Bucket with degreaser and lubes
  12. Reliable track pump
  13. Clothing: 2 jerseys, 2 sets of bibs, 2 base layers, 2 of everything else
  14. Flag, reminding me of where I'm from, and where I'm going!

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