"I made it"

London to Leicester

"It rained, and then it stopped raining and I got sunburnt.


I dont know if that will work and I can't use a PC so maybe pictures later but, 7hours 7 minutes cycling and about 45 minutes of breaks, 120.3 miles and average speed 16.88 mph.

I saw a castle, and more roadkill than I can count and I had to open and close gates to keep cows in a field and I hardly even got lost!

Have a nice week everybody, I'll bring photos of my fully loaded legger-itage when I get back."

Sarah rode from London to Leicester (and she didn't hang about either). Following a route she'd uploaded to her Garmin Edge 705. She twinned her Leggero with a Carradice touring bag. Such juxtaposition...

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