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Get your feet ready for summer

Feet illustration

Your feet are vital contact points between you and the bike as well as being the place through which all your stresses and strains travel when you ride.

Did you know there are 250,000 sweat glands in your feet? They help regulate and monitor body temperature, along with thousands of nerve endings that send back important sensory information that have an impact on your mood.

It's easy to over look your feet in favour of other body parts that are often more on display. But in the summertime, you'll be spending hours in the glorious sunshine lapping up the mileage, feet snuggled tight inside your shoes. The simple act of sipping an espresso could become a public offence as they waft their aroma through a café.

This season don't let them become hot, sore, unbearable aching feet that force your mates to sit on another table. We've compiled some DIY tips to keep your feet happy. Illustrations by Ben Spurrier.

Feet illustration

1. Don't get cold feet

Add a small amount of light summer embrocation or Elite energising oil to the toes and upper section of the foot.

The oil will get the blood pumping preparing the muscles and joints for physical effort whilst reducing risk of injury. Unlike full winter warm up cream, it absorbs quickly and provides only a small amount of warmth for the first few kilometres of an early morning ride.

Most oils and creams have anti inflammatory or antiseptic ingredients that stop feet feeling swollen and sore in the mid day sun.

At the end of your ride, the scented oil will mean your feet don't end up smelling like an old gym locker.

2. Fabrics

Get a good lightweight pair of socks for summer. They will help ventilate your feet, absorb sweat and help air to flow around your feet. Look for socks with either silver fibres that have antibacterial properties, or socks with a mesh design around the arches of the feet.

3. Fight Fungus

Bacteria likes clammy environments, and fungi can develop, especially if you sit after your ride recounting stories with your mates. Try an antibacterial foot spray or foot cream after you've showered. You can also use a shower gel with Tea Tree, as it has natural anti-fungal properties.

Feet illustration

4. Rest

The muscles and tendons in your feet are constantly working, from your ankle to your toes. Let the muscles in your feet recover.
The skin on feet can crack if you heat and cool them rapidly. Spiuk Foot Cream has anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce swelling, help improve recovery time and soothe aches and pains.

5. Natural

If you suffer from really sweaty feet.Choose shoes made of natural materials such as leather. The Rapha Grand Tour shoes are constructed from Yak Leather, while the Fizik R1’s feature Kangaroo Leather.

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