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For those who suffer, we ride


The FireFlies was established in 2001 by Sandy Watson Scott in recognition of relatives and friends' battles with Cancer. Each year, amateur cyclists from the advertising and film world take on the FireFlies challenge to ride across the Alps from Lake Geneva to Cannes to raise money for Leuka, a charity formed to support Research & Treatment of Leukaemia at the Hammersmith Hospital in London.

The event is timed so that the cyclists arrive in Cannes during the International Advertising Festival, guaranteeing publicity for the cause. To get there the ride tracks over 18 mountains in eight days.

To promote the ride this year, Partizan director Chris Cairns shot a short fundraising film with various people that have ridden or taken part in FireFlies events. "I love the FireFlies. Unfortunately I can't ride with them this year so I decided to make a film to support their cause. I asked FireFlies old and new to help me and all gave freely of their time and knowledge,"said Cairns, "We shot a group of FireFlies, at 1000 frames per second to show in detail some of the sweating, spitting, and snotting that they experience as they make their way over the Alps. For everyone it's hard. For some it's a real struggle. This small physical effort is nothing when compared to what people suffering from cancer have to endure. It's for these people that we ride our bikes."

And here is the making of the video.

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