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Tête de la course - December No 2

Tête de la course

Tête de la course is a fortnightly feature where we summarise the latest products at Condor and why we think they are worth stocking in our London store.

This issue:

  • Herne Hill winter cycle cap
  • Fizik Limited Edition Arione, Aliante and Antares saddles
  • Quoc Pham Derby cycle shoe
  • Assos T.Equipe_S7 bib shorts
  • Brooks Hackney and Dalston bags
  • Capo Thermo Lombardia Bib Shorts

Herne Hill Winter Cap

Herne Hill Winter Colours Cap - £9.99

The ever popular Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome cap has had a revamp. The classic white has been replaced with cool grey that will easily hide the winter dirt. Made in Italy, it's a 'one size fits all' cap that raises money for the ongoing work of the friends association. Their aim is to ensure the legacy of the site and make sure it remains a facility for grassroots sport.

Fizik Arione 00 Carbon Braided

Fizik Giro Hero Saddle - Arione 00 Carbon Braided - £325

Limited to just 99 worldwide the Giro Hero saddles are a twist on the super elegant top end Arione 00 and Aliante Carbon Braided saddles. The saddles celebrate the performances of Vicenzo Nibali (1st), Rigerberto Uran (2nd) and Dominic Pozzovivo (10th) in the 2013 Giro d'Italia. Featuring pink highlights that represent the Giro's famous Malia Rosa leader's jersey, the Arione 00 saddle weighs in at just 135g. The saddle uses the Arione R3 shape, which is lower volume, firmer, but just as supportive as the original Arione. Each saddle is embossed with a limited edition number.

Quoc Pham Derby Shoe

Quoc Pham Derby Shoe - £219.00

A quick lesson in sartorial terminology: traditionally, men's lace-up dress shoes come in two styles, the Oxford and the Derby. The difference is the Oxford has closed lacing and the tongue is stitched to the vamp (the upper part of the shoe), whereas on the Derby the lacing is open and the tongue is part of the same piece of leather as the vamp.

UK based footwear maker, Quoc Pham, produces pedal friendly dress shoes for cyclists. His latest shoe, the Derby, with its brown suede upper and cream rubber sole, are perfect for the single or fixed gear cyclist who would prefer to not carry a second pair of shoes with them when cycling to the office or the pub. Made from the finest materials around, the Derby is shaped and tapered to slip nicely into your pedal cages while keeping you fashion friendly. Fit an MTB cleat into the recessed sole so you can walk around town without sounding like a clippy cloppy horse.

Assos T.equipe_S7 Bibshorts

Assos T.equipe_S7 Bibshorts - £165.99

Dubbed a 'game changer' by the Swiss super cycling brand Assos, their new line of shorts, S7, was released this week. There are four models in the range. The new T.Equipe model is now in store and features a highly redesigned 8mm chamois that floats within the short and interestingly is not stitched all the way around, the purpose being to reduce friction. The less the Lycra is stitched the less susceptible it is to wear, tearing and snagging.

The T.Equipe has been introduced at the milder end of the Assos price scale, but still offers plenty of interesting features, including five-panel compression and a new strap configuration, with mesh straps being anchored closer to the hips instead of around the front of the body.

In the spring Assos will unveil three more shorts within the S7 range, including the S7 Campionissimo, a short that features a piece of technology called 'KuKu Penthouse' and is reported to weigh just 160g.

Brooks Hackney Backpack & Dalston Backpack

Brooks Hackney Backpack - £164.99 & Brooks Dalston Backpack - £149.99
Famous for their saddles, which we have ridden for years, Brooks also makes a slew of accessories ranging from toe straps to bags. Their Barbican Messenger has been in the company's line since the early days, but more recently they have released a variety of other premium knapsacks. The latest additions are all made in Italy and offer straightforward solutions to life on two wheels. The Hackney and Dalston bags feature a 15" laptop compartment and are constructed from bluesign waterproof material and vegetable-tanned leather.

Capo Lombardia Thermo Bibshorts

Capo Lombardia Thermo Bibshorts - £155.00

Known as "The Race of the Falling Leaves" due to its autumn time slot each year, the Giro di Lombardia is a one-day Classic that's often accompanied by unpredictable weather conditions. Capo designed its new Lombardia collection as a tribute to the storied event. The fabric is coated with a soft thermo fabric stitched in a zigzag pattern to provide more surface area but less material thus creating a lightweight item. The Lombardia Bib Shorts stand in as the ideal lower body layer for cold conditions when you don't want the restrictions of winter tights. In the darkest of winter months wear the shorts as a layer underneath an unpadded tight to the ultimate icicle-beating outfit.

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