Eroica Britannia: if looks could kill

Eroica Britannia outfit best picksTaking place from the 17-19th June L'Eroica Britannia is a cycling extravaganza with a very British twist. The vintage focus of the festival gives it a lighter and more friendly atmosphere than the competitive-spirited cycling sportives. At the end of the day Eroica Britannia is part ride part fancy dress party. 
From classic merino to modern fabrics we've got everything you need to look the part.

Shop our Eroica Britannia collection

1. PEdAL Ed Tokyo Merino Jersey - £65.00

2. Cafe du Cycliste Stainless Flask - £37.00

3. Quoc Pham Fixed Shoe - £139.00

4. Retro Cap - from £7.99

5. Condor Since 1948 Retro Styled Bib Shorts - £59.99


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