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Brompton bikes are available in a range of options to meet every need.

Here's our guide to handlebars, gearing, versions, and accessories.



Brompton M-Type Bar


M Type
The classic handlebar shape. Provides a comfortable and upright ride with a good level of control.

Brompton H-Type Bar


H Type

The same handlebar shape as M but taller. Ideal for tall riders or those wanting the most upright position.

Brompton S-Type Bar


S Type

The sporty handlebar. Provides a lower position and is ideal for riders who want to zoom from A to B.



2-speed is perfect for flat terrain

Ideal for riding on mainly flat terrain. The bike features a lightweight derailleur rather than a heavier hub gear.


3-speed is ideal for hills

Brompton fit a bullet-proof Sturmey Archer hub to 3-speed models. The 3-speed is most suitable for rolling terrain and tackling the odd climb.


6-speed is great for hills

The 6-speed pairs the 2-speed derailleur and 3-speed hub gear to provide a versatile and wide gear range. Choose the 6-speed if you often have hills to ascend or just want plenty of flexibility.



Version 'E'

Brompton Version E

This version does not feature mudguards or a rack. It offers ultimate simplicity and saves weight, but isn't ideal if riding in the rain.

Version 'L'

Brompton Version L

This version comes equipped with front and rear mudguards. The rear guard has a small wheel to aid stability when the bike is folded.

Version 'R'

Brompton Version R

This version features both mudguards and a rear rack for carrying luggage (the Rack Sack is ideal).


Can't find what you're looking for?

If you'd like to equip your Brompton with a dynamo light, upgrade to the Superlight (titanium) version, or change the gearing ratios, we can help. Condor is a certified B-spoke Brompton retailer. You can choose your favourite colour or even a medley of colours to personalise your bike. Please contact us for more information or pop into the store.



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Popular Accessories

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Brompton Tool Kit

Brompton Tool Kit

Contains everything you need for repairs on the go. The kit sits neatly inside the frame, so you never need worry about where you've left it.

Brompton Metro Messenger Bag

Offering plenty of space, compartments for a laptop, carry strap and high-viz cover, the S Bag is a popular alternative to riding with a backpack.

Brompton Rear Saddle Light

Cateye Lights for Brompton

Designed specifically for Brompton by Cateye, the USB rechargeable lights tucks neatly out the way.

Brompton Front Carrier Block

Brompton Front Carrier Block

If you want to fit any of the Brompton bags, a front carrier block is an essential mounting bracket.

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Brompton Electric

The new Brompton Electric bike has a top speed of 25kph, a 100km range and a 250W brushless DC motor, but retains all the things that make Bromptons so popular.

"A solid commuter favourite - with added turbo boost" - Wired Magazine

"This is a magnificent electric bike" - Pocket-Lint

"The motor delivers a smooth and natural feel" - BikeRadar

Learn more and book a test ride
Brompton Electric
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Why choose a Brompton from Condor?

Decades of Experience

Condor has retailed Brompton bicycles, parts, bags and accessories for nearly 3 decades. Our staff are highly trained on all things Brompton.


Brompton Premier Store 

Condor is a Brompton Premier Store — the highest status that a Brompton retailer can achieve. We stock just about every Brompton spare as well as their full range of accessories.


Brompton Home Delivery

As a Brompton Premier Store, we are one of small number of retailers accredited by Brompton to ship bicycles anywhere in the UK. Home delivery is not available for Brompton Electric. Every Brompton is checked and certified by our specialist Brompton mechanics before we ship to you. Bromptons are shipped in purpose-made boxes to protect your bike and make it simple to unfold and go. We'll include a quick start guide and owner's manual in the box, plus an Allen key or spanner depending on the model selected. Our customer service team are Brompton aficionados and on hand to give advice — from choosing your Brompton, to setting it up at home, to helping with your first fold.

Brompton Demo Bikes

Condor offers at least four demonstrator bikes, which cover the full range of handlebar styles and gearing. Brompton Electric bicycles are also available for test ride at the store. Learn more here.


Certified B-Spoke Retailer

Condor also offers a B-spoke custom build service, allowing customers to choose their own Brompton specification. Lead time varies throughout the year, typically from 4 to 7 weeks


Accredited Workshop Servicing

The Condor workshop has been accredited the highest level of certification by Brompton. The three cog rating shows that Condor mechanics are able to offer a range of servicing and hold inventory of all Brompton essential and recommended spares.


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