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Six Accessories Every Brompton Rider Needs

The most popular accessories for making getting around the city by Brompton easy and fun. 

Brompton Ready Lights 

Made by lighting legends Cateye in partnership with Brompton. The front and rear lights tuck neatly out the way when the bike is folded so you don't need to take them off before you fold. The lights unclip in a matter of seconds and are recharged by USB.

The Cateye Brompton 500Lm Rechargeable Front Light produces 500 lumens on full beam mode that will not only help you be see but light the road ahead when there maybe no street lighting. 

Brompton's NEW Be Seen Safety Light Set is bright, compact and designed to clip on at the handlebar. The front light produces 26 lumens. Unlike the Cateye Front Light and Brompton Dynamo lighting which light the path and are positioned above the front wheel. Be Seen Lights at mounted driver & pedestrian eye level to help them see you from all angles.

Shop Be Seen Safety Light Set

Brompton Be Seen Rear Light

Brompton Tool Kit

The Tool kit sits securely inside the frame. Magnets and rubber end caps hold the kit in place even when the bike is folded, containing all the tools you need for repairs on the go, including tyres lever, patches, and Allen keys.

Shop Brompton Tool Kit

Brompton Tool Kit inside frame

Quad Lock x Brompton Mobile Phone Attachment

There are two phone mounts designed by Quad Lock in partnership with Brompton.  The mount solves the problem of navigating when riding. The phone mounts in the centre of your handlebars. Making maps and navigation tools super easy to view or hear. You don't need to remove the mount when you phone your bike.

The Quad Lock Brompton Phone Mount fits all Brompton bikes and is attached by two clamps on the handlebar.
You can either choose to stick the universal adaptor to the back of your phone and click it onto the mount or purchase a Quad Lock Phone Case.

For riders of the Brompton T Line Folding bikes there is a specific integrated mount that forms part of the stem. It is the Brompton Phone Mount for T Line.

Brompton Phone Mount

Restrap Carry Handle

The vegan friendly City Carry Handle is made from super strong Hypalon fabric. The strap fits neatly round the top tube of a Brompton and is designed to make carrying your folded Brompton easier by putting the bike is a more balance position compared to holding it by the saddle or trying to fit your hand around the Brompton frame.

Shop Restrap Carry Handle

Saddle Upgrade

If you are looking for a little more comfort when you ride, personalise your Brompton with a saddle upgrade. Most aftermarket saddles will fit to a Brompton seatpost and we love the idea of fitting a made-in-England Brooks saddle to the British made Brompton.

Brompton also have a range of lightweight saddles they developed for their P Line and T Line bikes but will fit to all ranges of Brompton. The Brompton Superlight Saddle has a carbon base and lightweight padding, whilst the Brompton Carbon Superlight Saddle has a carbon base and carbon rails and is 42% lighter than the standard Brompton saddle.

Brompton saddle upgrades

Brompton Luggage 

Brompton Luggage options

Don't drag a rucksack around, let your Brompton do the hard work. Brompton bags are designed with an integrated frame that clips securely onto the Front Carrier Block.

Bags can stay attached to the bike even when folded. There are a wide range of bags to choose all have cordura fabric and water resistant treatment. There are bags for riders who want to take nothing more than a laptop and there are bags with touring carrying capacity and space for water bottles.

The most popular bags are the Brompton Borough bag range and bags are available in small, medium and large.

Brompton Borough Backpack is designed to clip onto the front of your bike but then can be worn like a rucksack when your strolling around or on public transport.

If your Brompton doesn't feature a block, the item is compatible with all Brompton models of any age. Shop Front Carrier Block.

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