Quick fix maintenance products

Road salt, debris, wet weather and grime its all bad for your bike. Dirt and grit speed up the wear of your components, follow our five time saving tips to keep your bike running smooth.

1. Don't neglect your front mech, after a ride apply a few drops of oil onto the pivots to ensure smooth shifting on your next ride.

2. Using tubeless tyres? Use the sealant dip stick to check your sealant is topped up and your stay puncture free, check and top up sealant every 3-4 weeks.

3. After a wet ride, get an old cloth and wipe the dirt and water from your brake pads. Dirt acts like sandpaper on your rim and increases your brake pad wear too.

4. Check your brake cable for missing end caps and replace before the cable starts to fray and affect your braking performance.

5. A dummy hub slots into place when you've removed your rear wheel. It will keep the chain under tension and stop black chain swinging around and staining everything.