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The revolutionary Hövding airbag helmet

An alternative to a conventional bike helmet, Hövding aim to shake up city riding with their airbag helmets. Try the system for yourself at our live demo events this November.

Demo Days
15 November, 12.00–13.00
22 November, 13.00–14.00
29 November, 14.00–15.00

The unconventional helmet is worn around your neck and inflates in a crash. It is designed for riders who hop on their bikes and travel around cities or don't have the space to cart one around.

The Hövding works by way of sensors, which take measurements 200 times per second, making a decision as to whether it should inflate or not. There is no danger of it going off when not in use either. To 'arm' the air bag, you must close a popper-type connector near the zip.

Hövding were tested by insurance provider Folksam, and according to their studies the airbag was safer than a conventional helmet.

Live Crash Demo Events

Sign up to Hövding demo events on our Facebook page.

The science of Hövding has to be seen to be believed. We are running three in-store demo events at our Gray's Inn Road store during November. Come and talk with us and meet the team behind Hövding. Understand the technology and years of develop behind Hövding airbag helmets.

Hovding helmets worn around your neck not head

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