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Pro panel: four ways to wear the simple cycling cap

On the surface, wearing the simple cycling biretta appears to be a no-brainer. Our pro cycling panel explain there is more than one way to wear it on your bonce.

John Herety - the Luft

Team Manager, John Herety, measures his hat style by height on his head, known as luft. The more perch, the greater the style points in his book.
"Got to be high, plenty of luft. Peak down. It’s a stylish fashion accessory."

Tom Southam goes backwards

Member of the Condor alumni, Tom Southam is now a team manager at World Tour outfit, Team EF Drapac. The former rider is one of the few managers who opts for a freshly pressed shirt on race days rather than wear a team tracksuit. He likes to buck the hat trend, too, wearing the item backwards.
"Back to front, flip the peak like a Porsche 911 whale tale."

Ed Clancy - the classic cap wearer
Mr Ed Clancy is a triple gold medallist because he's all about precision and controlling every outcome. The Olympian uses a cycling cap purely for its designated purpose: to keep the weather out.
"It should only be worn with arm warmers when the weather is cold. Peak down to keep the rain from your eyes."

Brian Holm and inverted flip
Quickstep have been sponsoring elite level cycling teams for sixteen years! In that time, stylish Dane and team manager, Brian Holm, has been making sure the flooring maker gets maximum bang for their buck.
"Always on the podium, when you win. Peak up for maximum sponsor exposure."

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