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Brompton announces mudguard recall for Brompton Electric riders

Brompton have developed two new upgrades for Brompton Electric bikes. One of these — an updated mudguard stay — must be replaced as part of an official recall.

Brompton Electric free upgrades

What's the problem?

In specific circumstances if an object of a certain size becomes trapped between the bike's mudguard stay and tyre, it can result in the mudguard getting caught on the tyre, and the bike's wheel rotation becoming inhibited or stopping suddenly.

Brompton say "Although the risk of an accident occurring is low, we have now begun a programme to repair all affected bikes as part of an official recall, and we ask all Brampton Electric owners to book a free upgrade appointment as soon as they can."

The important upgrades to the battery will improve the bike's performance and reliability. Condor is able to offer updates to all Brompton Electric riders, even if you didn't purchase the bike from us.

All new Brompton Electric bikes available for purchase from Condor will have these upgrades as standard.

What are the upgrades?

Battery Catch

The battery catch has been modified to reduce the movement between the battery and the bike. This minimises battery disconnections, prolonging the life of the electronics and improving ride experience.

New Mudguard Stay Design

The updated stay geometry increases clearance between the mudguard and tyre to improve performance on non-paved surfaces 

Brompton Electric upgrades are available at Condor

How you can get a free upgrade

The upgrades are available to all Brompton Electric owners. You do not need proof of purchase or to have purchased the bike from Condor Cycles.

As a Brompton Premier Store and Brompton Electric retailer, Condor Cycles is authorised to carry out this work on behalf of Brompton — simply book a free upgrade appointment with our workshop team.

1. To make a booking, you can get in touch via email or call us on +44 (0)20 7269 6820.

2. Bring in your bike on the agreed date.

3. We'll carry out the upgrades, and check and update your bike's firmware at the same time.

4. Collect your upgraded bike the same day.

What bikes are affected by the recall?

Only Brampton Electric bikes require the repair, but customers who have already had a new mudguard stay and battery catch fitted in the Brampton Electric Upgrades Programme do not need to have a new mudguard stay fitted. If you are unsure contact us and we can advise.

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