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Fixed - Andrew Edwards and Max Leonard


Fixed: global fixed-gear bike culture (£17.95) documents the global culture of fixed gear riding covering the workhorse notion to aesthetic choice for a street rider. The balance between text and images is spot on, with the quality of images being high throughout the 300 odd pages. Each section is an insightful and interesting exploration of the history, context, and culture of fixed gear cycling. Comments and interviews have been taken from luminaries from the cycling world from Chris Boardman, Eddie Merckx, MashSF and actual manufacturers.

"In 1984, Nelson Vails, a former New York City messenger, won silver in the indivdual sprint at the Los Angeles Olympics. Street riding had completed the circle and returned to the track, but first track had to transition to the street."

Fixed does a great job of joining the dots and re-writing any misgivings about where and who rides a fixed, why and why its so universal. It not just covers cities messengers but all the associations with it from Alley Cats to the resurgence in bicycle polo, design and trends.

Perfect rainy day book to get inspired about your next build.

Price: £17.95


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