Vittoria Pit Stop Puncture Repair Tyre Sealant

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The Vittoria Pit Stop Puncture Repair 75ml handy sized emergency 'puncture repair system' is the ideal companion for any users of Tubular tyres that fear the worst everytime they ride.

Vittoria's Pit-Stop is a pressurised latex sealant solution in a can that simultaneously inflates a standard road tyre up to 6 bar (enough to get you home) whilst sealing most small 'penetration punctures.' The repair, if successful can last up to 3 months before the latex starts to break down which makes this a great safety net when out training. Larger cuts, unfortunately, are beyond the capabilities of this product but in the majority of cases, Pit-Stop will avoid that annoying phone call or taxi ride home...

  • Handy 75ml size
  • Inflates a regular tubular tyre to approximately 6 bar
  • Perfect for racing or training