Veloforte Primo Natural Energy Nectar Gel

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The earthy taste of beetroot with a fresh citrus twist. A welcome break from super-sweet fuel the Primo is the perfect choice to offset flavour fatigue. Each Primo delivers 22g of natural energy & pure electrolytes... a refreshingly savoury energy gel to keep your taste buds stimulated all day.

Natural, powerful and delicious... a 100% natural energy gel - hand-crafted to include nature's secret weapons for fuelling at pace. Each 33g squeeze-pack delivers 22g of easily digested dual-source natural carbohydrate with an optimal mix of glucose & fructose to facilitate maximal energy absorption & sustained energy release to keep you going longer.

Unrefined Brown Rice Syrup delivers essential fast-release Glucose - rapid delivery of energy straight to your muscles. Date Nectar is higher in Fructose - slower release energy to keep you feeling fuelled for longer. Maple Syrup has a mellow sweetness from both glucose and fructose and is a powerful source of anti-oxidants.

The naturally occurring electrolytes within these syrups are enriched with the purest pink Himalayan salt to help you maintain a healthy fluid balance, reduce muscle cramping & optimise muscle function as you work hard. Beetroot is naturally rich in antioxidants, calcium, iron, potassium, folate and manganese, along with nitrate - compounds that can improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and improve stamina, leading to notable improvement in sporting performance. Real Fruit juice concentrates enhance the gentle natural taste of our gels. The natural flavours of freshly squeezed lemon juice are concentrated by removing excess water simply by heating. Rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, antioxidants, Vitamin A & C they add to the natural vitamins and minerals held within each Primo. Blended to provide balanced energy release, easy on the taste buds, easy to swallow and easy on the stomach.

  • Ingredients: Unrefined Rice Syrup, Fruit Juice Concentrate (Beetroot, Date, Lemon), Maple Syrup, Water, Pink Himalayan Salt, Ginger Extract