TRP RG957 Deep Drop Brakes

Not Enough Available

Road? Gravel? Where ever your ride takes you, or you take it, you can be sure that TRP's RG957 will be there through the thick of it. With its long reach there is room for larger tires and plenty of mud. So go explore, pave your own way, find a new trail. Forged TT6 aluminum caliper arms, TRP's alloy rim compound cartridge brake pads, adjustable pad holders, Teflon bushings and Stainless hardware are the parts that sum up to a whole unmatched in performance and value.

  • Long reach dual pivot caliper brakes
  • Forged TT6 aluminium arms
  • Inplace Road CNC adjustable pad holders
  • Cam style quick release
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Spring tension adjustment
  • Reach: 47-57mm
  • Weight: 169 grams per caliper
  • Sold as pair (front and rear)