Shimano XTR Centre Lock Disc Brake Rotor - SM-RT99

Not Enough Available

The Saint RT99 Ice-Tech Centre-Lock Rotor from Shimano are designed to provide consistent braking performance.

This is done by energy control, using a revolutionary stainless steel and alloy 3-layer sandwich construction that manages heat while riding. The clad steel/alloy/steel rotor construction allows heat generated from braking to radiate quickly through the aluminium core achieving surface temperature drops of around 50 degree C.

The hybrid steel and aluminum construction saves weight and manages heat buildup.

The SM-RT99 rotor has been topped off by Shimano's lightweight and user-friendly Centerlock hub/rotor interface. Now, you may be wondering what IceTech construction actually means, or then again, why it matters? Basically, IceTech rotors consist of two stainless steel braking tracks that are bonded to an aluminum inner-core.

  • Compatibility: Shimano Centerlock hubs
  • Attachment Type: CenterLock
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Super polished braking surface gives excellent braking performance
  • ICE technology FREEZER
  • Can be used with Resin or Metals pads