Overade Blinxi Smart Indicator Helmet Light

Not Enough Available

BLINXI adds LED turn indicators to existing bike helmets - an innovative helmet light with indicators to make you more visible and predictable in traffic.

Issue with bike lights is that they are located too low (under the saddle) to offer a good visibility. It's even worse for e-scooter lights ! With this helmet light being located very high, you'll be much more visible from car drivers. Another issue is how to safely indicate your direction? Raising an arm is clearly hazardous, especially when riding e-scooters. With BLINXI, you'll just have to press the remote control.

This device is versatile : no need to buy a new helmet to use it, because it fits most of urban helmet. BLINXI is super easy to use, a "plug and play" device with no app to download. To help you know that a turn signal is currently flashing, an audio reminder is included beeping at the same time, which can be swtiched off.

With the possibility of using 1 or 2 elastic straps, the remote control can be attached to any handlebar in many positions. BLINXI has a running time of 10 hours in flashing mode. When battery has to be recharged, a red light is visible close to the ON/OFF button. When charging, this red light is flashing and then turns green once fully charged. The magnetic fastening of the device permits to easily remove it from a helmet if necessary, especially when it needs to be recharged. The patent design of the mount prevents unexpected dropout thanks to combination of a magnetic fastening with a mechanical attachment.

  • Turn signals
  • Remote control
  • Ultra thin design - 1cm
  • Battery life - Flashing mode: 10h. Stead mode: 5h. Daytime mode: +20h