Look X-Track Race MTB Pedals

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The X-Track Race MTB pedals are the latest innovation for Cross Country racing. Featuring a high-end composite body, top-quality CrMo+ spindles and a CrMo platform; these pedals are perfectly suited to handle the demands of modern XC racing.

Look has optimised the pedal shape and size to obtain the perfect balance between the contact surface area and weight. This pedal features an exceptionally, modern and performance orientated design that provides superb comfort and as it is equipped with advanced weather seals; it is extremely durable and reliable. To expand this pedal design usage further, it has fully adjustable cleat tension, enabling you to fine-tune the contact and release feel and to set them up to suit how you like to ride.

  • Body: Composite
  • Spindle: CrMo+
  • Platform: CrMo
  • Use: XC Race, Leisure
  • Float: 6 degrees
  • Tension: 6 - 14
  • Platform Area: 515mm
  • Platform Width: 60mm
  • Stack Height: 16,8mm
  • Weight: 415g (pair, including cleats)