Fenwick's Disc Brake Cleaner

Not Enough Available

This is no ordinary disc brake cleaner. Fenwick's invented this cleaner to ensure the surface of the disc was left completely clean. The spray uses a triple blend of solvents, it cleans a wide range of contaminants in seconds and evaporates to leave nothing behind. It may also be used as an effective degreaser for other metal parts, and is great preparation for lubrication.

  • 600ml aerosol
  • Suitable for disc brakes
How to use
  • Initially spray from a distance of 20cm to wet down the surface to be cleaned use short blasts
  • Leave for 10 seconds
  • After surfaces have been wetted, blast away contaminants by moving the aerosol closer and using prolonged bursts. Catch residue with an absorbent cloth
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to ship aerosols outside of mainland UK at this time