Ergon GP2 Handlebar Grips

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The GP2 replaces the best selling GC2 grip. The new 2 finger GFK bar end delivers increased grip thanks to the rubberized anti-slip lower texture, and optimized ergonomics. Bar end and grip body can be independently adjusted dependent on preference.

Ergon grips: Innovative solutions for traditional problems of numb fingers, aching hands and forearms - problems all too familiar to bikers. Caused by too much pressure on the highly sensitive areas of the inner palm and potential malpositioning of the hand.

Ergon grips provide 100% contact of hand and grip by an anatomically optimised grip-shape. Thus the pressure is relieved, especially near the nervus ulnaris, preventing the hand from getting numb. Additionally overstraining of the median nerve (often resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome) as well as aching wrists are prevented.

  • Independently adjusted bar and grip
  • Models available for Regular or Gripshift®
  • Material : Composite with rubber inserts
  • Use: Mountain Bike, Touring, Commuting
  • Safety precautions! These grips are not suitable for the use with carbon handlebars.
  • MTB: Yes