Condor Winter Hat

Not Enough Available

The Condor Winter Hat features a treated front panel to fend of freezing water and wind chill. Its sweat-wicking thermal lining sits softly against your head while the two-tone knit band blocks icy blasts from your ears and neck.

Designed to sit comfortably under a helmet, this cap features a protective brim that adds a touch of style and helps to keep wind and precipitation from whisking down inside your glasses. Reflective logo on peak for added visability.

  • Soft knit around ears
  • Reflective logo on peak
  • Polypropylene liner to improve insulation and wick moisture.
  • Knitted earflap folds up and out of the way in case the day warms noticeably
  • Windproof treated front panel
  • Velvet loops to keep sunglasses in place
  • Slimline to fit under helmet