Condor Six Piece Brush Cleaning Kit

Not Enough Available

A must-have kit to ensure all-round clean and fully functioning bike with the minimum of effort. Dual density handles give you great grip even when hands are wet. Our cleaning kit features six brushes that are designed to help you clean all areas of your bike. Supplied with a net bag to store your brushes and allow the water to drip away.

The Claw Brush with cut out teeth is designed to remove hard and crusty gunge from your cassette.

Stiff Bristle brush will clear out the muck dirt and grit from chainrings, chains, rear derailleurs and cassette sprockets.

The Drivetrain Detailing Brush is shaped to clean in small spaces, the long narrow handle helps you get to behind the cassette and hubs and front derailleur. You can also use it to apply drivetrain cleaner to specific parts of your bike and allow it to soak in.

The Loop Brush is a made of a wire loop with bristles either side, this allows you to slot the brush over tricky components and clean both sides, ideal for discs, chainrings, rear part of your frame.

Wheel and Component Brush shaped and contoured to clean rims and spokes with ease.

Wash Brush this brush has soft bristles and a wide head to clean a large area with ease, perfect for your frame, tyres, saddle and cockpit components.

  • Six brush set
  • Rubberized handle
  • Supplied with mesh bag to keep kit together and allow to drip dry