Carradice SQR Saddle Bag Uplift System

Not Enough Available

The SQR system from Carradice makes removing and attaching the saddlebag a two second affair and also allows a traditional saddlebag to be carried on a bike without saddlebag loops. The Carradice SQR comprises two main parts; a strong, rigid, powder-coated steel bracket to which the saddlebag is attached using it's standard leather straps; and a tough ABS plastic bracket that attaches securely to the seatpost with two stainless steel bands. The bracket contains a spring loaded retainer which means that, once attached, the bag and bracket cannot break free.

  • Saddlebag mounts/dismounts in seconds
  • Very strong and rigid support
  • No leg interference when pedaling
  • Integrated carry handle for off bike use
  • Multi-positional
  • Fits seatposts from 25mm -32mm (32mm + with extra brackets)
  • Fits all Carradice saddlebags (purchased separately)
  • Maximum recommended weight a massive 10Kg
  • Rack lifts off with the bag
  • Total system weight (excluding bag) 420g