Carradice Bagman Expedition QR Saddle Bag Support

Not Enough Available

The original Expedition is ideal for larger Carradice bags. It provides extra support for heavier loads and ideal for attaching bags to saddles that do not have loops. The Expedition is the new quick release version of the successful Bagman. Designed and manufactured by Edbro Innovations exclusively for Carradice. Please note this version of the Bagman has been superceded by the Bagman 2 which features additional support.

  • Attaches to most saddles (not compatible with sprung saddles)
  • Attaches saddlebag to saddle and supports bag from below
  • Comes complete with BAGMAN ADAPTER
  • Holds bag vertically and reduces swing
  • Suitable for Cadet, Nelson, Nelson Longflap, Camber Longflap and Super C saddlebags
  • Maximum load: 10kg
  • Weight: 489g