Campagnolo Athena Skeleton Brakes

£44.99 £54.99

Campagnolo Athena dual pivot skeleton brakes, front and rear set. The Athena brakes are designed to stop the bicycle in the shortest distance without locking the wheels.

  • Skeleton design. Elimination of excess material, thus reducing weight. The rigidity of the system remains unaltered as does braking performance
  • Differentiated brakes. The front brake provides strong stopping power, while the rear brake serves to modulate braking and prevent the rear wheel from locking
  • Special brake pad compound. Developed by Campy Lab Tec engineers, a virtually identical braking curve is achieved in both wet and dry conditions. Modulation and a good service life are guaranteed
  • Ergal screws
  • Weight: 322g
  • Part numbers: BR15-SDP (silver), BR15-BDP (black)