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Campagnolo Athena Skeleton Brakes

Campagnolo Athena dual pivot skeleton brakes, front and rear set. The Athena brakes are designed to stop the bicycle in the shortest distance without locking the wheels.

  • Skeleton design. Elimination of excess material, thus reducing weight. The rigidity of the system remains unaltered as does braking performance
  • Differentiated brakes. The front brake provides strong stopping power, while the rear brake serves to modulate braking and prevent the rear wheel from locking
  • Special brake pad compound. Developed by Campy Lab Tec engineers, a virtually identical braking curve is achieved in both wet and dry conditions. Modulation and a good service life are guaranteed
  • Ergal screws
  • Weight: 322g
  • Part numbers: BR15-SDP (silver), BR15-BDP (black)