Beryl Pixel Light

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The Pixel is a two-in-one light that can be either red or white. It offers complete flexibility and can be used on your bike as a front or rear light, or mounted to your bag, helmet or even your arm for walking and running.

The velcro strap and multi-mount that comes with your Pixel lets you attach it to helmets, bags, and even directly to your body.

Pixel uses the latest Chip-On-Board lighting technology to deliver a lightweight, small light that can function as both a red and white light, at just the touch of a button.

  • Two-in-one light that can be either red or white
  • Multifunctional clip
  • Up to 10 hours on a single charge
  • IP54 waterproof
  • USB charge: 50% in one hour, 100% in four hours
  • Power save mode: Two hours of light at 85% depletion
  • Dimensions: 48mm x 32mm x 15mm (l x w x h)
  • Weight: 18 grams
  • In the box: Pixel light / micro USB charging cable / multi-mount / silicone strap / velcro multi-strap