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JLT Condor is no longer racing

JLT Condor was one of Britain's longest standing cycling teams, founded in 2007 by Condor Cycles and Rapha. The team was consistently ranked number one in Britain until it closed at the end of 2018.

Discover the team that changed the face of bike racing in Britain.

Over a decade of support


"This past decade of supporting the team has made me extremely proud. I’ve seen Condor bicycles ridden to National Championship victories, to wins in Australia, Japan, France, Spain and South Korea, to name but a few. There have been highs, lows, and many medals."

Grant Young — Chairman, Condor Cycles

Graham Briggs win jersey at Tour of Britain

Kristian House winning the Tour of South Africa

A National Champion is made


"John was adamant that we race properly and do it right, you can’t expect to race on the continent and do well if you aren’t organised. I enjoyed my time at JLT Condor, we achieved so much and broke boundaries.”

Kristian House, former team rider

Focus on young talent


Team Manager, John Herety, was focused on building British cycle sport and using the team to help nurture future talent. He set an international schedule of racing that travelled to five continents and produced many World Tour riders including Chris Lawless, Hugh Carthy, Tim Kennaugh, Matt Gibson, Tom Southam, and multiple Olympic champion, Ed Clancy.

Hugh Carthy win young rider, Elliot Porter win climbers jersey


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“Aero drag is 80-90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider on flatter roads and routes", explains JLT Condor pro rider, Ed Clancy. "In a 4km pursuit, 2% of power is spent overcoming drivetrain friction, 5% rolling resistance, 7% kinetic energy, and 86% aerodynamic drag. It's not about getting the lightest, it is about efficiency."


After countless hours of feedback and testing, the race-proven Leggero emerged new and speedier than its predecessor with improved aerodynamic efficiency. The handmade frame is at home on a group ride, tackling climbs, or sprinting for the finish line under a rider as powerful as Ed Clancy. 

Brenton Jones racing in Tour de Taiwan
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JLT Condor Race Wear designed and developed by PEdAL ED

Limited range of team kit is available to purchase, our team kit is made in Italy by performance cycling manufacturer PEdAL ED.