King Cage

Water bottle cages are made from steel, plastic, or carbon fibre. Cages were never made of titanium, until Ron Andrews made it so. Titanium is notoriously difficult to weld and work with. It’s also more expensive than steel, but lighter and more robust, too.

In 1991, Ron Andrews (a former machine-shop class teacher) was welding titanium frames for a US frame builder, when a customer wanted a titanium cage for their titanium frame. Andrews searched for a cage and couldn't find one anywhere, so decided to make his own.  

Now he and his team of three produce cages in his basement, which he converted into a workshop.

Proudly made by hand in Durango, Colorado. King Cage are one of a handful of builders making titanium bottle cages in America. 

King Cage Bottle Holder
Stainless steel
King Cage King Kargo Cage
Stainless steel