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Packed with Puff: insulated jackets perfect for cool weather days

There aren’t many garments championed by polar explorers and style-savvy urbanites alike, but the insulated jacket is one of them. Insulated down technology has crossed over into cycle kit with jacket, gilets, and gloves all receiving the puffy treatment.
We give you the low-down on the wonder fill.

Insulated jackets for cool weather cycling

Super Fill Insulation

Its power lies in its superior warmth-to-weight ratio. It’s lightweight, yet it delivers exceptional heat retention.

DWR Treatment

Some insulated clothing is coated with a chemical to increase its repellency to water, making it bead on the surface.

Coffee Stop Packable

Thanks to its lightweight characteristics, insulated items are supremely packable, making them an ideal layer to take the edge off of at an outdoor cake stop.
Polartec Fleece


Clo is a unit that measures the ability of clothing to provide warmth.

Clo 0 is equivalent to a naked person, and for example, eskimo clothes (fur pants, fur coats) have a clo value of 4.

A clo of 1 will keep a person comfortable at 21°C (70°F), with humidity at less than 50% and a wind velocity of 0.9 km/h. The more layers you require to achieve a Clo of 1, the harder it is to move freely and the heavier your equipment will become.

Endura x PrimaLoft

Scottish brand, Endura, worked with leading insulation maker, PrimaLoft, to create eight pieces of cycle kit.

PrimaLoft’s story begins in 1983 when the US Army asked their parent company to create a synthetic alternative to goose down that could be used in sleeping bags and clothing.

The main reason was that goose down was not waterproof, and didn’t retain enough heat when it got wet. And getting wet was a problem the army had quite often!

Endura Primaloft Pro SL
Endura Hummvee Jacket

Endura Pro SL with Primaloft Gold

Using Primaloft's Gold Insulation (CLO 0.92), the Endura Pro SL is designed to fit close to the rider and is specifically for performance road riding and training. It packs small and keeps you warm.

New Endura GV500 Adventure Jacket features Primaloft Gold insulation.

Endura Hummvee with PrimaLoft Silver

Ideal for urban journeys and trail riding, PrimaLoft SILVER insulation (CLO 0.79) is used within the Hummvee range. The jackets and shackets have a relaxed cut and more pockets. The insulation doesn't compress as much, because the clothing is designed to be worn throughout your ride.

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Mirai Cycling Jacket with Polartec

PolarTec x PEdAL ED

For over two decades, PolarTec have been leaders in the creation of fleece fabrics. You'll find PolarTec on big name outdoor brands like The North Face and Patagonia.

PolarTec launched an insulation called Alpha and described it as "New territory for 'puffy insulation’ that isn’t actually 'puffy insulation' at all."

Alpha is made from lofted-knit fibres connected to a solid mesh core.

When you think of puffy insulation, you automatically associate it with stuff you throw on purely to stay warm and comfortable when you’re stopped. As soon as you move, you take it off because, well, it's no longer comfortable. It's too warm and too sweaty.

The CLO rating of Alpha is 0.38, making it perfect for hard training rides in late winter and early spring.

Pedal Ed Mirari
Pedal Ed insulated Odyssey jacket

Active Insulation

PolarTec describe Alpha insulation as an active insulation. In the real world, that means the usual build up of steam inside your jacket as you hit the climb is no longer there. The fabric works harder to keep you dry because dry air is a better insulator than damp air. There is almost no weight to the garment, making it feel less restrictive. Alpha is more breathable than fleece, synthetic or natural down, and it dries really quickly, too.

PEdAL ED champion the use PolarTec Alpha within their Tokaido range of gilets and jackets.

3 Tips for Washing Active Insulation and Synthetic Down

Set to Delicate

Polartec Alpha fabrics move moisture very efficiently. These items will dry super quickly. Don't put them in the tumble dryer; they will dry naturally in an hour. They also don't need a long spin cycle.

Avoid Velcro

Don't put your items in the washing machine with garments with Velcro. If you must wash them together, put your jacket in a mesh bag to protect it from ripping or tearing the fabric.

Use Non-Bio Liquid Detergent

Don't wash your kit as frequently and NEVER with fabric softener. Biological detergent contains fabric softener. The chemicals destroy the insulating properties of the fibres, and block the pores of your clothing, reducing breathability.

Albion Insulated Jacket 3.0

Albion Clothing X Clo Insulation

British brand Albion work with Clo Insulation, a brand named after the CLO Value.

Founded in 2016, Clo Insulation work with British Antarctic Expedition and previously made technical apparel before launching their own insulation. Each piece of insulation is tested at low, medium and high activity levels with the aim to create insulation that is breathability without restricting performance.

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Eco Vivo insulation in Albion jackets and gilets

Clo's Eco Vivo insulation is made in Europe from 93% recycled fibres.

The insulation has small perforations that increase breathability without decreasing warmth. The small holes also allow for a 4 way stretch within the insulation with a fast recovery action which allows the insulation to be combined with performance fabrics.

Albion use Clo Eco Vivo insulation on their insulated jacket 3.0 and insulated gilet 3.0. Designed for riding in cooler winter temperatures and cut for a performance fit. Available in both men's and women's.

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Albion Women's Insulated cycling jacket

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