How to Remove Pedals

Removing and replacing pedals is important for general bicycle maintenance or if you are travelling with your bike. Our quick illustrated guide shows you how. 

You'll need to remove your pedals if you want to pack your bike into a bag or case, or if you are replacing them.

Tools required

15mm pedal wrench (for flat and Shimano pedals)
Some pedal brands are loosened using an Allen key that must be inserted behind the pedal

Tip 1

If your pedals haven't been removed in a while, you might need to spray a little penetrating fluid, such as GT85, to get them started. If, after a couple of turns, you've managed to expose a few threads then spray the fluid again, repeating every few threads until the pedals are free. A dry, corroded thread can become damaged if you remove the pedal without a little lube help.

Tip 2

Before removing the pedals, protect yourself from possible injury by placing your chain onto the big ring.

Tip 3

Remember, the left pedal spindle is reverse threaded, so turn clockwise to remove the pedal when facing the crank arm. The right side is normal, so turn it anti-clockwise to loosen it.

Remove pedals - drive side (right)Drive side

1. Face the drive side of the bike (the right-hand side). The drive side is the side with the chainset and chain. Turn the crank arm to the 3 o'clock position. 
2. Place spanner in line with the crank arm.
3. Push your foot down onto the spanner to rotate the tool anti-clockwise. We find that using your foot allows you to generate additional leverage and ensure that you are positioned in a way that will prevent you from striking sharp edges on the bike or losing your balance if the pedal should suddenly decide to break loose.
4. Once the pedal has been loosened, continue to rotate the tool anti-clockwise to free the pedal.

Remove pedals: non-drive side
Non-drive side


5. Turn the bicycle around. The non-drive side (left-hand side) is now facing you.
6. Rotate the crank arm to 9 o'clock so it is horizontal with the floor.
7. Position the spanner or Allen key in line with the crank arm.
8. Push down with your foot onto the spanner. The spanner will rotate clockwise to loosen the pedal.


To loosen pedals using an Allen key, follow the steps as above. You will need to insert the Allen key into the pedal axle opposite the pedal. Align the Allen key with the crank arm and push down.

 Remove pedals: with allen key




Suitable for Shimano & Time pedals
Remove pedals with ease
Helps loosen stubborn pedals

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