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Eight Wahoo and Garmin functions to get more from your device

Wahoo and Garmin are packed with powerful features that are often underused. It is like using smartphone just to make phone call or send texts...

Here's eight ways to get more from your GPS cycle computer.

Get more out of your Wahoo and Garmin with Condor

Real-time alerts for Strava segments

Not everyone is a QOM/KOM hunter, but sometimes knowing how you are faring on an ascent gives you a bit of extra motivation to change down and go for the summit.

Nearly all Garmin Edge devices except Garmin Edge Explore and Edge 810 are compatible with Strava Live Segments. Yes, even Garmin Edge 130 and older units like the Edge 510. A message will flash up on your unit to tell you you're entering the segment, how long it is, and what the time to beat is.

The Wahoo Elemnt goes one better. There is a final push notification where you get flashing red lights on the top of your device. If you favour a particular segment, you can star it on your Strava account and whilst riding you'll get automatic alerts.

How to enable for Garmin
Log in to and click the orange "plus" icon. Select upload activity and navigate to Device upload page.

Click "get started" and follow the prompts to enter your Garmin account credentials.

How to enable for Wahoo
Go to your Wahoo Fitness dashboard on the Wahoo app, tap 'Sharing' and then select Strava. Enter your Strava credentials.

Garmin Grouptrack

Check on your friends from your device

Garmin have added GroupTrack to the Edge Explore 820, updated Edge 820 devices, and later models. The function lets you see friend's location in real time on a map on your device. You could even use it to track friends/teammates in long distance events.

How to enable
Download Garmin Connect Smartphone app and make sure your friend's have too. Go to Settings menu, select Live Track > GroupTrack and send invites to your friends.

On your device, go to Settings > GroupTrack to enable the map screen.
When you are ready to ride, go to the app and select 'Start Live Track' and press start on your device.

GroupTrack also automatically detects when you start riding, so you can ride with the knowledge that cycling buddies and those following at home know your location without you having to tell them.

Incoming call alert Incoming email and text notification on Wahoo Elemnt

Get messages on screen from your phone

How annoying is it when you're riding and you can hear your phone pinging away in your pocket? Is it an emergency or is it just an unknown caller trying to sell you some double glazing?

Wahoo Elemnt and Garmin Edge devices can both be paired with smartphones, allowing you to check who's called or messaged you from your saddle. Any incoming texts or caller IDs will be displayed, allowing you to decide if it's important enough for you to stop and respond.

Wahoo light indicators

Let Wahoo do the maths for you

The Elemnt and Elemnt Bolt both have QuickLook LEDs, which lets you know if you are over or under a specified training target, such as watts, cadence, or heart rate. Get a visual cue without hunting around your screen to find a number. It works better than having sound alerts set up, because if you listen to music whilst training on a turbo trainer then you often won't hear the sound cue.

Garmin custom speed dial

Speed dial custom screen

Fancy a retro style speedo on your Garmin Edge or just want a really big dial to display your current speed? This option is only available for Edge 820, 520, 130, 1030 and Explore units. Newer units, such as Edge 830, aren't compatible.

Go to the Garmin Connect IQ store, download this app, and follow the instructions to install the custom screen on your device

Link your Wahoo with Ride with GPS

Sync Wahoo with third party navigation apps

The beauty of the Wahoo Elemnt is its easy connectivity to your smartphone and other apps.

We love using RidewithGPS to plot and plan rides as it not only has a variety of maps with different terrains to view but you can also add in your own descriptions or cues, like "pub stop turn left".

If you create a route with RidewithGPS, Strava or Komoot and link your Wahoo Fitness profile with your any of the above sites, all you need to do when you're out on the road is go to the app on your smartphone, find your route, and hit 'Send to Device'. A few seconds later the route will be ready to follow on your Wahoo Elemnt.

It is perfect for those who may need a back up route or want to change the route you are riding.

Garmin's Incident detection

Call for help

Garmin Edge 820, 830, 530 and 130 devices have a built-in incident detection function that can tell when a crash has occurred, and automatically transmit your location to a pre-programmed emergency contact. To enable the function you need to pair your device with a smartphone and add the details through the connect app.

If assistance is not needed, cancel that automated emergency message before it's sent.

To enable incident detection

  • Download the Garmin connect app to your smartphone
  • Pair your device with the app
  • From the app settings in the Garmin Connect Mobile app, select Emergency Contacts, and enter your rider information and your emergency contacts.

Simulate a route function

Simulate a route

If the weather is too bad to ride or you're training for a climb that isn't easy to reach, you can simulate the route or road. Wahoo requires you to have pre-ridden the route or climb, then you simply load the route, jump on a Wahoo smart trainer (Kickr, Core or Snap) and pedal. As the road gradient changes, Wahoo uses the stored data to adjust the resistance you are pedalling against, simulating the climb.

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