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Headbadge of Honour

The Condor archives are full of vintage cycling memorabilia including framesets, Campagnolo Nuovo Record components and metal headbadges. They were collected by our founder, Monty Young, from his friends and other bicycle builders in the fifties and sixties.

A few of Monty's head badges

In post-war years the bike industry was an attractive field in which to invest. Components could be produced by factories in the Midlands thus reducing the demand for overseas imports. There was huge demand among consumers for their own cheap form of transport, while serious cyclists numbered in their hundreds of thousands.

Condor was one of hundreds of shops all over the country at this time, building custom frames and supplying equipment to club cyclists, tourers and racers. Each hand built frame carried its own unique marque identifying that particular builder or bike shop. The frame badges were riveted on.

Tucked neatly in a drawer, each sealed in a clear plastic pocket, someone (probably Monty) has amassed a significant collection of head badges from all over Britain and the world.

They are pretty little trinkets, each with a story, each beautifully designed, some heavy enough to sink a battle ship.

Hetchins Head Badge

Dayton Head Badge

Gillo Head Badge

Paris Head Badge

Freddie Grubb Head Badge

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