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Condor for Lotus - Project Type 1 LC

Lotus Type 1 LC Racing by Condor Cycles

Both founded in Great Britain in 1948 and known within their respective industries for their attention to detail and lightweight performance products, Lotus and Condor are steeped in heritage and racing history, shaped by medals, honours and World Championship titles.

Lotus is no stranger to cycling: the results were evident gold in 1992 in Barcelona! Condor build performance racing cycles by hand. Their experience lies in being able to create race proven products for professional athletes and famous riders. Now twenty years on, after the gold medal in Barcelona and on the eve of both companies 65 year anniversaries, a partnership has emerged: Lotus and Condor are working together to push the future of performance further.

Lotus Type 1 LC 1948 by Condor Cycles

The collaboration is a new, exciting partnership that Condor and Lotus hope to nurture into a further bicycle project in 2013.

The current Type 1 LC range takes elements of Condor's classic bicycle design and draws upon features of the Lotus performance cars.

The '1948' highlights the two companies sharing the same founding year. Fashion and trends come and go; Condor believes there is always place and value in artisan craftsmanship.The understated cream with racing green and yellow gold are a nod to the recognisable green and yellow of the Lotus brand. Brooks saddle and bar tape is colour matched to the tan leather car interiors of the time.

The 'Racing' model features accents from the Lotus Motorsport platform introducing black, nude carbon and gold livery with red highlights. The bicycle combines function with speed, comfort and style, blending sophisticated, high quality materials with precise attention to details and superb craftsmanship.

The Type 1 LC models are sold as completed bicycles and are limited in number. Both bicycles are on display at the Lotus flagship store in Regent St. and at Lotus Monte Carlo.

Lotus Type 1 LC 1948 by Condor Cycles

Lotus Type 1 LC Racing by Condor Cycles

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