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Yann Tiersen - 700km, two concerts and one festival

700km, two concerts, one festival and a stop each day to play and record a song in the Norwegian landscape. All by bike.

French musician Yann Tiersen, known for his famous Amélie film soundtrack, coaxed two band members to throw a leg over our versatile Fratello frameset and head out on an epic journey through Norway. Yann is also the owner of a light blue Fratello.
Beginning in the northern town of Alta, Yann rode south to the lake side town of Harstad. He covered 700km and stopped each day en-route to record and film a different song in the beautiful Norwgian landscape.

Although Yann and his cycling crew are at the end of their ten day tour, this is the start of something much larger. The 'Goodbye Lenin' composer ultimately hopes to travel around the world by bike playing music.

A full film will be released later this year. Watch the short teaser clip on Yann's Cycle site.

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