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Space for Cycling campaign by the LCC

Space for Cycling Campaign

The LCC's Space for Cycling campaign is calling on every candidate in this year's London borough council election on May 22nd to improve quality of life for all, by making local streets safe and inviting for everyone to cycle. The LCC have developed a local, high priority cycle improvement plan for each electoral ward in London which will be calling on local election candidates to support. They range from making sure there are safe cycle routes to a named local school to installing a physically protected cycle lane on a named major road.

The LCC want people across London to support the campaign and email their candidates. "But I haven't got time, we hear you cry!" Fear not, if you are too busy to send your own email and look up your local councillors email addresses, the LCC have compiled a list for each borough and a specially crafted email for you to send to them so all you have to do is click here and take action now and the rest is simple!

You can find out exactly what the LCC are calling for in your ward, and wards across London by visiting their interactive campaign map.

These include measures such as:

  • lowering vehicle speeds
  • removing through motor traffic on minor/residential streets
  • installing physically protected space for cycling on main roads
  • opening up our green areas for cycling
  • creating safe cycle routes to schools
  • improving London's town centres to make them easier to visit by bike

If you want to get involved with the campaign and follow the discussion look for the #space4cycling.

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